Cleaning Products

Super Clean
A highly concentrated, all-purpose cleaner/degreaser. It is not toxic, odor free,
dye free and biodegradable. It will not irritate sensitive skin, nor does it give off
noxious fumes. Strong enough for industrial strength cleaning chores as well as
exterior use for power washing.

Safety Clean
A highly effective bath and bowl cleaner. It is generally suitable for any high
moisture area such as bathrooms, kitchens, saunas, showers, even outside
pool tiles and decking. It contains no toxic, hazardous ingredients or cleaning
agents like butyl ethers, chlorine bleach, pine oils or masking agents.

Carpet Shampoo
An odorless, dye free rug and carpet shampoo. It is both a strong cleaner and
odor remover yet safe even for the chemically sensitive. It contains NO harmful
chemicals like ammonia, butyl ethers, alcohols, phosphates, caustics or acids. It
is not toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable and biodegradable.

Diluent/Reducer 409
Specially formulated to be used as a diluent and reducer for all AFM Naturals
plant-based oil products, as necessary for the particular application. It is
designed to reduce the solids content of the primary coating to promote
penetration and leveling. A very suitable clean-up medium for oil-coated tools.