Air Purifiers


Has proven filter technology to provide the best
overall protection from airborne particles. Every
minute, over 250 cubic/ft of air passes through 15 lbs
of Activated Carbon and over 60 sq/ft of True Medical
Grade HEPA, providing air so clean it could change
your life and how you sleep.

Healthmate Plus

Contains a carbon, zeolite, potassium iodide and
HEPA filter. For those who suffer from allergies,
asthma, gases, chemicals and formaldehyde
exposure. Offers a superior gas filtration system to
remove a wide range of chemical vapors. Common
household cleaning products emit dangerous vapors.

Allergy Machine

Created for those allergy and asthma sufferers who
struggle to find relief. It is the only air cleaner on the
market to incorporate High Efficiency Gas Absorption
(HEGA), removing contaminants out of the air before
they get a chance to irritate and trigger your asthma
or allergies.

Bedroom Machine

The National Sleep Foundation Bedroom Machine by Austin Air is the first
bedroom air purifier to carry the National Sleep Foundation name. Its
innovative five-stage filtration system targets particulate and chemical
pollutants, cleaning your air so you can sleep.
The Bedroom Machine filter features: 15 lbs. carbon blend: targets indoor
chemicals like VOCs, HEGA carbon cloth: captures gases & odors

Pet Machine

The Austin Air Pet Machine is designed to clean your air of pet hair, dander, and
odors. The Pet Machine’s special “ammoniasorb” highly activated carbon is
tailored specifically for pet odors like ammonia.
The Pet Machine filter features:

Activated carbon and zeolite: adsorbs noxious gases and chemicals