About Us

The Measure for Measure Home is taking a logical approach to making your home a sustainable place. We
believe every person makes a difference. Our mission is to provide products that are safe for the people
manufacturing them, safe for the people exposed to them and safe for the environment in which we share.

The Measure for Measure Home began as a carpentry business, Measure for Measure, in 1998. It was through
the years of being submerged in the carpentry trade that Jonathan Tuminski and Erin Buckley committed to
sustainable business practices and products. In October of 2005, the retail space, The Measure for Measure Home, first opened its doors to the public selling cotton insulation and reclaimed building materials.

The Measure for Measure Home’s vision is to supply and construct safe homes in a sustainable community, one
building at a time. We believe that ecologically sound homes can be renovated or constructed with a reduced
environmental impact. Thus creating a healthier, happier and kinder society. We will continue to research
products and supply you with the safest, most environmentally responsible products that we can find.